Innovation around Data



What do we learn from digital transition?

Every business is concern even the more traditional ones

Are you more traditional industry than tire industry? Michelin transform his business model not selling the tires per se but an insurance of safe kms. To do that they had to redesign their tires, to add some probes to get data on the usage and the health of the tires. Such a digital transition will occur on all the business be sure. Don’t wait the big digital leader do it for you but move first to be in a better position

Back to the users! the GAFA shows to all industries we have to be back to the users, what are their actual needs what do they want, when?
The reality is that they don’t know, they change their mind continuously depending of the last proposals.
Thus these questions have to be put in real time to adapt the offers;

With such a potential, it becomes easy to have many innovation ideas, but few will generate positive business. The complexity of the offer is such that it becomes too difficult to predict the rewarding ones. The only solution is to push a continuous innovation process and to test actually on the market.

Héphaïstos is their to support such a process. We gather technologies from all europe and support entrepreneurs to focus on the user needs. Héphaïstos source the required technologies and the entrepreneur mash up the MVP and we test it on the market. If it appears not to be the adequate offer the technologies access is not billed. It offer the error right and the the entrepreneur try again to find a solution in line with the user demand.

If you are interested feel free to contact we can discuss on your projects or on your technologies.

Innovation is an exciting path

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