When can we offer to invest in Technology



Digital era reopen all the markets to innovation. It is easy to generate hundreds of ideas. Which one to choose? after a long career in innovation I feel it is more and more unpredictable. I remember incredible ideas who never found their market when bull sheet at the end transform itself and find the path to success.

Digital means back to user. To choose on which idea to invest, for me, the unique decision maker is the market itself. But how to test on the market when you haven’t yet the product?

You can invest in its development and especially in its technology blocks development, but it is too risky. You are confident that you are right but statistically you will have to adapt a lot to find the path.

With Héphaïstos we gather at the European level a bunch of innovative technologies and we support the entrepreneur in its technology/business analysis. Then the entrepreneur mashup the required technologies gathered by Héphaïstos and is in a position to test the product on the market in 3 to 6 months. If he miss the target it is free of charge for the entrepreneur and he plays again. At a moment he will have qualified his market (his idea appears to be the good one, he has a forecast of the market size). With that he is in a better solution to gather capital. It is time to invest massively on technologies to fine tune it and to create a step with the me too followers. For this second phase Héphaïstos support the entrepreneur to negotiate the mastering of the technologies with the technologies owners and to create R&D projects to enhance the technology in line with the market demand.

A new path along innovation for Success with Héphaïstos les forges de l’innovation

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